Is it a charity or a business?

Dear Editor:

I must admit to being quite confused over the Trio Marine Group.  Are they a philanthropist organization or business men?

They must have so much money to donate to the city, as it will cost tens of thousands to build a new boat house, spray park and washrooms that they receive no financial benefit from. Then they have to build the water park, mini golf and upgrade the marina and restaurant. Over how many years will this take to recoup their costs in a business that is active for three months at best?

I certainly would not invest in such a venture, especially when historically this kind of business has failed, but then they are only leasing the park and calling it a “partnership,” so how much is it going to cost taxpayers apart from losing the land?

Environmentally it would be a disaster to start bulldozing this beautiful treasure that is Skaha Lake Park, for an amenity that will consume over 25 per cent of a park that is only just over a kilometer in length, and used for three months at most.

I have not seen a reduction in summer tourists since the last water park closed, both beaches are full and the new Wibit park is great for the children, and leaves no footprint when they pack up at the end of the season. This is the way to go.

There has to be a referendum on this issue.

Shirley Macleod