Irony about fires, Skaha Lake Park

Dear Editor:

How ironic! As much of southern B.C. is burning, or has burned, homes lost, trees destroyed, animal habitats  ruined, and the Washington fires threatening to cross the border; the misguided  people on the Penticton City Council are allowing 25 percent of beautiful Skaha Park to be ripped up; at least 30 healthy trees destroyed, to allow a  private business to put in a waterslide that will only be operational for a few months in the summer!

They, the council, will not listen to the more than 4,000 people who have signed a petition, plus many letters in the Penticton Herald, people from all walks of  life are commenting.

These arrogant politicians will not even entertain the  idea of a referendum! At least a referendum is democratic.

When will people understand that trees and grass in a  public park are not for sale, or lease.

As I write this, with the smoke thick outside; the smell of burning, I am once again reminded of the greed and lack of caring for this beautiful planet, so many politicians have.

And while so many brave personnel are risking their lives to save  the land, people on the council in Penticton, with the exception of one (Coun. Campbell Watt) are seeking to destroy a beautiful, public green area,  for money.

Katie Di Iuorio