Irish Land Wars birth of boycotts

Dear Editor:

Re: Herald editorial: “Boycott dirty word” (Aug. 28).

Interesting idea, but I’d still see that as a boycott, by deciding to to shop at businesses that support your values.

The term “boycott” has a long history, possibly long forgotten, or even unknown by many people. It originated with the Irish Land War, and a Captain Charles C. Boycott, a land agent for an absentee landlord.

Often, a boycott is a last resort for workers, citizens, communities to show their opposition to an issue.

For me, the Skaha Lake Park issue is that public parkland should not be for private enterprise. That said, I’d like to see a list of all City of Penticton – Municipality parkland that is currently “leased” for private enterprise, other than the South Okanagan Events Centre and Penticton Trade and Convention Centre, as this is well known as being on parkland and privately managed on City-owned land. I suspect we’d be surprised by such a list but I think LocoLanding is one such on City park land.

Brigid Kemp