Interesting comments by Judy Sentes

Dear Editor:

Several statements made by Coun. Judy Sentes in the June 14 Herald interview were very interesting.

1. Coun. Sentes revealed what the Sicamous project is really about when she referred to the status of the “Sicamous Marine Park Development.” Apparently Council’s intention is, and always has been, to build a marina adjacent to the Sicamous and the swimming area.

Last fall, three pipes containing electronic testing devices were inserted into the ground. Three months ago two large healthy heritage tress were cut down, so preliminary construction is well underway.

2. It was also quite revealing when Coun. Sentes stated that there was not enough money for renovations at the Leir House due to “other emergent health and safety issues.” Interestingly however, there was ample funds available to send the mayor and councillors to a three-day conference held in Vancouver last September.

3. In regards to the Skaha Lake development, perhaps Coun. Sentes could further elaborate when she stated, “Skaha Lake Park to be worthy of exploration and that process is still being refined.”

With 9,000-plus signers on various petitions saying “no” to privatizing Skaha Lake Park, what is there to explore and refine? Perhaps the answer is stalling tactic so Council and Trio can invent a new excuse for an another end run around public opinion.

Here’s a novel suggestion for both residents and Council to seriously consider. How about instituting an annual bundled referendum listing all forthcoming capital projects and major expenditures. Have a vote. Then, prioritize the projects according to the most votes garnered and then go forward, thus reflecting the wishes of the community, the citizens that Council claims to represent.

The referendums could be easily paid for by sending just the mayor and two of his fellow councillors to future municipality meetings in Vancouver.

C. Otto Knaak