Intentions were good

Dear Editor:

I respect anyone who runs for public office. It is not an easy job to be in the public view and to be criticized publicly. I believe mayor and council acted in what they believed was best for the community at the time. They seem to think the majority of the people in Penticton are in favour of the waterslides on park land.

I respectfully disagree.

We live in a wonderful city. Combined with our natural beauty and many seasonal events along with many active volunteers who organize, teach and coach, it is a great place to live.

Now our city is divided.

There can be only one solution to this ugly discord. We need a referendum on the issue of the water park. The mayor has stated that many have been misinformed. He has also stated that a better job could have been done getting information to the public.

FAQs regarding the project have now been published by the City. The plans are on the City’s website. We now have time to be informed. I think most would agree the cost of a referendum on this issue is well worth it. Whether you are for or against, the animosity and friction could be put to rest. This is an important issue for all Penticton residents.

The mayor has written that he believes that democracy should be in the driver’s seat. I agree.

Let’s have a vote. Let the people of Penticton, now informed, decide.  Let’s not have democracy take a back seat on this issue.

Fritz Hollenbach