Instruments of destruction

Dear Editor:

I recently checked out Trip Advisor to see what visitors from outside the area were saying about Skaha Lake Park after visiting Penticton. They all expressed how beautiful the park was and how much they enjoyed the time they spent at the park.

Despite the spin out of City Hall, I am sure that visitors, like many residents from this area, would have a difficult time understanding how a water slide would enhance the experience of visiting the park.

I must confess that I voted for the current mayor and most of the members of council. At the time, I felt that the right balance had been struck between development (which we need) and the need to preserve and expand parks and green spaces to ensure that this community continues to be a place we are proud to call home.  It is a difficult balance but it can be achieved through good planning and meaningful community consultation.

We British Columbians love our parks and we pride ourselves on our outdoor activities and our healthy living style. We are not going to allow anyone to take away parkland without a fight. Recently the mayor said in his column that he and council were an “instrument of change” but with the planned developments of Skaha Lake Park, the baseball diamond and Munson Mountain, they are beginning to look like an “instrument of destruction”.

Politically I have a difficult time understanding why mayor and council would continue down this road knowing the opposition that exist in the community to this plan. I am sure they must have done some polling and must have numbers to indicate the overall public outrage of this particular project. That is probably why they are opposed to a referendum.

Mayor and council, you have to know that you will pay a price politically in the next election. The 30 per cent of people who show up to vote in most municipal elections are among the same people that showed up at City Hall to protest and the ones who are writing letters to the editor.

Three years is a long time in politics and perhaps you are hoping that by that time people will have moved on and accepted what took place.  Maybe, but I don’t think so. Every time we drive by that ugly plastic monster sitting in our park we are going to be reminded and remember who is responsible.

Mayor and council, I believe that you really need to revisit this decision and put an end to any plans to develop this beautiful park.

Dan Fudge