Inspired by the Big Apple

Dear Editor:

I recently had the opportunity to look at three smaller parks in New York City all within a mile of each other from 13th Street West in Greenwich Village.

The weather was excellent at the time so the parks had tremendous usage, especially since enormous trees cast such welcome shadows, coolness and peacefulness for those wandering through or calmly sitting on the many benches available.

Then by chance I came across an old photo of children enjoying the old waterslide in Penticton. Five of the six slides in the picture took up a huge amount of space. Then the hill to support the slides needs an impressive area and size. A fence around all this would be punitive in the eastern sector of Skaha Park.

Truly the slide should be positioned in an area the size of El Rancho or where an older motel needs to be replaced adjacent to Okanagan Lake.

This suggestion needs some

serious consideration and time for financing such a project. Now I understand the lease extends to the concrete block wall on the Western extremity of Skaha Lake Park.

This is rather a large bite in size in view of the original lease only included the sales-repair business, the moorage and limited winter storage. That 137-page contract must have been planned a long time ago. It needs more explanation.

 Vince Rabbitte