Incompetence is the new normal

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Penticton mayor and Council, it appears you’ve managed to make incompetence the new normal. Or, is it just easier to get forgiveness than to get permission?

No bids for the LED lighting contract — against the City’s own rules.

Add this to a list which includes:

PIB was not included in the waterslide/waterfront negotiations — against PIB and the City’s agreement.

No Save Skaha Park representation on the parks committee. The BC Civil Liberties Association calls it problematic.

No consultation with the very people that, rain or shine, make the Farmers Market a success.

According to the folks that actually work there and I quote: “100 block Main works very well as is.”

No follow-up consultation with the Peach Festival Society, they are concerned as to street width for marching bands and police motorcycle drill team.

 These entries practice for months to get their performances precise, going two-by-two down the street is not what they have in mind.

How do you make “small compromises,” as suggested by the mayor, when there is no room to maneuver ?

The mayor and council prefer to spend money on out-of-town experts, turn the 100 Block into a money pit, raise taxes and brush off the needs of businesses and the taxpayers.

On your race to the bottom they keep ignoring democracy and common sense.

Please, rethink these decisions, some of us are all out of forgiveness.

 Lynn Crassweller