Herald educates public about FOI

Dear Editor:

Penticton residents should thank Penticton Herald editor James Miller and reporter Joe Fries for the excellent investigation and reporting about the devious and costly maneuvering behind the casino location as reported in last week’s papers.

This is what local media should be all about, presenting facts and exposing the the behaviour of elected officials and special interests. All Penticton residents should take the time to fully understand all the facts and players behind this scheme.

I especially want to thank The Herald for educating the public on Freedom of Information (FOI) requests/process (July 1) and how it applies to each and every one of us when dealing with government bodies at every level. FOI requests are hard to understand, they are tedious and substantial time passes before information is received (many times it is still censored), but in the end it is well worth it.

It took me more than 18 months on one request but in each case exposure of elected and appointed officials behaviour benefits the public. As a result of my FOI request a group of citizens is moving forward with a challenge on the city of Penticton bylaws regarding possible illegal use of Skaha Park; and we are awaiting the city’s written reply which we have been advised will be available the week of July 4.

Nelson Meikle