Hard-handed, hard-headed

Dear Editor:

After reading all the letters to the editor against the decision by Penticton Council and mayor to approve the Trio development on prime park land, I find it difficult to understand why those very few who wrote in favour feel that the majority are against a waterslide and its amenities?

Not one writer against this concept has stated they don’t want a waterslide in Penticton, just not on prime park land that was set aside for “all” to enjoy including those without kids, seniors, etc.

I’m reminded of something I heard many years ago: “There are none so blind as those who will see nor none so deaf as those who will not listen.”

As far as a couple of letters stating their children are not spoiled, but then pick up and drive them to Vernon to the waterslides there, then I guess I don’t know the definition of spoiled in this so-called politically correct generation?

In any case, the hard-handed and hard-headed method in which this whole scenario is being handled by Council is a slap in the face of every citizen in Penticton and they should all be impeached as far as I’m concerned.

I’m wondering why the Penticton Indian Band doesn’t weigh in and suggest this waterslide concept be developed where the new bridge will provide great access to land that would be much more suited for this type of entertainment as has been suggested by others?

Harry DeRosier