Great move for Kelowna

Dear Editor:

The City of Kelowna will spend $12 million to purchase 2.9 acres of lakeside land to keep it from developers so they can create a new waterfront park.

Stated Mayor Colin Basran: “This was an absolutely incredible opportunity that we just couldn’t refuse” (Herald, Nov. 20).

Also stated in the Herald was the fact that the acquisition of the site was hailed by city officials as a coup for the public as it might have been purchased by developers.

At the same time, Penticton will destroy a significant portion of its waterfront park by leasing it to developers for a waterslide which will sit unused for eight or more months of the year despite the huge and increasing opposition to the plan.

I can not think of a more accurate and sorry comment about the difference between the people running the two cities.

Duane Martin