Great job by parks department

Dear Editor:

Just wanted to mention, although the Penticton council has recently made some questionable decisions, (the Skaha Park waterslide debacle will bite them come election time I suspect), I wanted to give a shout out to the men and women that look after the parks and street maintenance.

Driving to work the other morning before 7 a.m., I saw the street sweeper dealing with the winter’s detritus on Naramata Road making it safer for the bike riders that will be on the road before long. (Wish Argo would do the same.)

I see the parks people up early in the flower beds planting and perhaps weeding (early weeds?), removing the garbage bags from the garbage receptacles, re-filling the dog poop bag dispensers and cleaning/sifting the beachesearly in beach season.

Keep it up, and I hope the city’s politics do not interfere with the work you are doing.

Chris Blann