Great hospital but lousy city council

Dear Editor:

We in Penticton are so lucky on some fronts and others are real head shakers.

Penticton Regional Hospital has top-notch people whose main concern is making certain, if you end up in their care, that you are treated like fine China.

They treat you so well you start to feel guilty, as if you’re making a pest of your self. From admitting, surgery, recovery and the ward, you know the best are looking out for you. I can only imagine how much better they could do if Victoria knew where to put the vast amounts of money they waste on other projects.

Thank you Penticton Regional Hospital!

On the other hand, we have our illustrious city council. On Global News on the weekend they showed some waterslides set up on Lonsdale Ave. If you don’t know, Lonsdale is one of the two main drags in North Vancouver.

They closed off this main artery for a couple of blocks and pumped up two huge slides and a crowd of kids and adults had a ball.

They were deflated and put away for Monday’s rush hour.

What a concept, no parking lot paved over a park, no trees whacked, no splash park messed with, just a good time had by all and now they can take it to a new spot and do it all over again.

Am I the only one who thinks there is more to this sneaky, under-handed deal then what we’re being told?

Why all the behind doors deals?

Why are they doing this and telling us later?

They were elected to serve us, not to rule by divine right.

I can’t wait until this gets to court and there is nowhere to hide. Maybe then we’ll finally get some answers.

 Jack Goode