Grateful for James Miller, Penticton Herald

Dear Editor:

The residents of Penticton should be thankful that we still have a daily newspaper as many others in larger centres than ours (Nanaimo and Kamloops) have closed due to shrinking circulation and declining over-all revenue.

We should be even more thankful that we have a newspaper that, under the leadership of managing editor, James Miller, is attempting to get the true information on what is actually going on with respect to civic governance in Penticton.

In other words exposing the hard facts to give some transparency to the end results of the never-ending saga of botched or misguided endeavours undertaken by city council.

These are mostly covered up by failure to report or negotiated non-disclosure agreements.

Just ask yourself whether an organization is going to request a non-disclosure agreement if the result of the particular agreement is favourable to themselves.

Case closed on transparency, and basic rights of the taxpayer to know, let alone have a say, in how their tax dollars are being spent.

When a public body refuses to hold a referendum on disposing of valued public parkland in spite of massive protests against that

action, democracy and the right of public input have suffered a devastating set-back. Was it the cost of holding the public referendum, while in actual fact many times more has and will be spent on staff time and legal fees the cost of which will never be exposed, or the realization by city council that the plan to build the proposed waterslide would most certainly have been soundly defeated?

Ask yourself who benefits from this project other than possibly Trio Marine?

What is the motivation and urgency here?

Only the mayor and city council apparently know, as it does not appear to be evident to the residents who own Skaha Lake Park.

Is engagement the new diversionary tactic in an attempt to cover up non-democratic governance?

Claude Bergman