Good idea mayor

I am willing to give credit where credit is due, but I never thought that I would have reason to commend the mayor for a good idea.  His idea of suggesting to the province to raise taxes on undeveloped or eyesore lands is something of a good idea, if the owners are in a position to pay more and if the eyesore is due to willful negligence and not just due to inability to take care of the property.

Would the lands in question belong to seniors or young couples for example?  Are they owned by absentee landlords or numbered corporations?

I commend the mayor on his relatively good idea.  Is that the only good idea he has had so far?  I do hope he is coming to realize that he and the council, even if they meant well, are guilty of not listening to all the residents (and non-residents) on various issues not just the controversy on Skaha Lake and the marina/restaurant.

As for Trio’s “anonymous” letter to the editor, Trio might want to rethink their letter and their view of the situation.

It may amaze them but those who are opposed to the development are the positive aspect of this controversy because they are thinking about the whole situation not just the development.  The supporters of the development are the “negative” because they are only thinking of the “benefits” and not the consequences of the development.

Anyway, I encourage the mayor and council to step out of their glass bubbles and experience the vast beauty of Penticton and area and especially the park that they seem to think so little of.

Patrick Longworth

Okanagan Falls