Good deal for Trio, bad deal for taxpayers

Dear Editor:

Trio Marine negotiated lower lease rates because they say they can’t improve the marina without revenue from the park. Yet, they took out a money-making repair shop. Then they spent, over the contract limit of $10,000, on a restaurant, etc. and got forgiven $38,601 in taxes and rent.

Good deal for Trio, not so good for the taxpayers.

I worked on the water most of my working career. It is unlikely Trio will get permission, depending on Inland Waters Regulations, to expand their moorage to what they want.

If they are going to have floating finger docks, moorage both sides, those docks need to be at least six-feet wide for stability. How can you expect people to walk on a 24-inch, unstable surface, carrying even a limited amount of gear, while avoiding cleats or tie up rings and other people?

Ridiculous and unsafe.

Garry Crassweller