Frustration with all levels of government

Dear Editor:

Federal governments are paying people to do nothing. It seems silly, but in the case of fishermen and farmers for instance, it is done to preserve resources for future use, or to avoid excess produce flooding the markets.

This idea has a tremendous potential for taxpayers and voters to curb the reckless spending of our governments and other elected officials.

Elect them — then tell them not to do anything!

Federally, we have a government throwing billions of dollars around like confetti at a wedding — take your pick, money is flying all over.

In B.C. we have a government intent on forging ahead with the multi-billion dollar Site C hydro-electric project, without a need or customer to recoup the cost.

Penticton City Council, after dinging taxpayers for their new healthcare plan, went on to make one of the worst decisions in the history of Penticton, with the sweet give away of 20 per cent of Skaha Lake Park to a private developer. Sorry kids, if their ever was to be a waterslide it would probably be inside a hotel on the parkland.

Trustees in with Okanagan Skaha School District 67, promptly give their superintendent a $20,000 raise, did a mediocre job of cost cutting by closing schools, then got back on the bandwagon of taxpayer funded trips to Vancouver for meetings in very comfortable surroundings.

I don’t know how this can be done constitutionally, but think of the money and horror we could have saved and avoided, if we were able to elect them and then tell them not do anything.

John McLeod