Fooling themselves

Dear Editor:

Hell hath no fury like an electorate scorned.

The obfuscation by the Penticton council in dealing with the waterslides debacle only compounds the antipathy and hostility the community feels towards the council.

After creating such a maelstrom of bad feeling and tartness, council is fooling itself if it believes the waterslides will ever be built in Skaha Lake Park. They could be built elsewhere. What was pristine bliss and solitude has euphemistically been turned into a minefield, marsh and swamp.

Just ask the developers who tried to build on Okanagan Lake Park how they were thwarted.

Silliness has injected itself into the debate. Word on the street is that the waterslide project is actually a Trojan Horse for the eventual building of an apartment block on the park.

An apartment on a public park: only in Penticton.

After a year or two when the waterslide project goes belly-up the developers will replace it with a housing development.

Frightening, but with the attitude and actions of the current council anything is possible. The council is completely lacking in situational sensitivity.

Carry on councillors.

Penticton Council has not only shown contempt for the people who elected them, it has shown contempt for the democratic process. The current council is as popular as a pork chop in a mosque but still flaunts its power with ostentatious vanity.

Wake up council. You were elected to lead the electorate, not dictate to it while pandering to developers.

Jim Calvert