First-time writer loves Skaha Park

Dear Editor:

The picture in Monday’s Herald shows another reason to query the suitability of the proposed new installations in the Skaka Lake Park.

There appears to be snow on the ground and parked vehicles, the only activities are pedestrians walking as they do year round. How many months of the year will this installation lie empty?

Great articles in Monday morning’s paper from both the Herald staff and Dr. Gerry Karr.

This is my first letter to the editor and I now live in a retirement centre. I have lived close to Skaha Lake since 1974 when I came back to Penticton. My family and I spent many days enjoying swimming and the peaceful beaches and green spaces. Even after my children left home, I continued to enjoy that area daily. I feel this commercial development will infringe upon this tranquility.

I am not against waterslide, my children did enjoy them on school outings. I feel however they should be build on property zoned tourist/commercial and purchased. Then there would be no conflict.

Patricia Richards