First letter in over a decade

Dear Editor:

The mayor signed the Trio agreement on Aug. 4 after telling the Save Skaha Park group on July 31 that they would have to wait until the Aug. 17 council meeting to be heard (as reported in The Herald on July 31 and Aug. 8).   I, for one, am outraged at this behaviour.

With this lack of integrity and demonstrated contempt for his constituents, I think we should all be very concerned about what else will go down over the next three-and-a-half years under the guise of democracy.

Those who support the waterpark in park space may see this as a win, but the next issue could be something that they disagree with, and allowing this council to believe they can operate like this will make them bolder as they proceed through their term.

Can you imagine what else this mayor and his councillors could decide was in Penticton’s “best interests” if we do not act to rein them in and limit this arrogance.

Words, rallies and objections have obviously not worked. If they had, a referendum would now be in the works.

Andrew Jakubeit’s latest behaviour has motivated me. This is the first letter I have written to the editor in 10 years. I am going to give money to the Save Skaha Park Group’s legal fund that is challenging this in court and I want to volunteer in any way that would help.

I ask fellow concerned citizens to consider what they could do. Together we can influence this sad state of affairs.

Barry Matfield