Far off base

Hopefully the mayor, councillors and city staff visited the Dragon Boat competitions on Skaha Lake recently.

What an incredible gathering it was. With 82 crews competing in the regatta I was amazed at how much space was needed in that eastern portion of Skaha Lake Park. There were at least 100 tents of varying sizes set up for the crews, supporters, medical people and ancillary services. I noticed that a very large tent set up by the First Nations for their teams. On the west side of the tents were a number of food concessions to feed this mass of people.

Everything there suggested energy, determination, enjoyment and fun. Even the ball hockey park was occupied by revelers, dancers and supporters of the event. The children’s splash area was as busy as ever.

The entire park is needed for such occasions. The city must get back to the original lease of the building, mooring and storage domains. The original purpose of the councillors 60 years ago was for park space that would accommodate the population growth of the future generations. Why has the present council gone so far off base?

Vince Rabbitte