Enjoys peace, nurturance

Dear Editor:

I was sickened when I read that the deal with Trio had been signed by the mayor (Okanagan Saturday, Aug. 8), but not very surprised given the underhanded way this whole affair with the proposed changes to Skaha Park has unfolded.

My family and I have been coming to Skaha Lake Park for more than 20 years and appreciate the peace and nurturance of the green space. All of my concerns, particularly with the placement of the waterslides have been well articulated by others at the council meeting, and in the letters to the editor.

Given that: 1. The public was made aware of the extent of invasion of this crass commercial enterprise to loved and hard-earned green space a mere month before the vote was to be taken in.

2. The degree to which the large contingent who presented very articulate, thoughtful and well-informed opposing views for 90 minutes were ignored.

3. The degree it continued to be ignored through the continued opposition in letters to the editor and during the two demonstrations.

4. The mayor and his council refused to listen to the opposition of the taxpayers and clarify the public’s approval with a referendum, the only conclusion that makes any sense to me, is that there had to be an irretrievable deal made before it was even put forward  to the taxpayers of Penticton.

There was such lack of integrity in how this proposal was handled and total disregard for the many voices who opposed it.

I smell a rat, and trust me, the scent connected to this degree of breach of trust will linger far beyond this fiasco; it will go with you as long as you are in the public eye. We can only hope that Trio will be unable to secure funding.  One does wonder about the extent of due diligence that has been done with this group.

Heather Miller