Enact Recall legislation

In his “Victoria Report” columm (Herald,Oct 28) it appears that Dan Ashton has “gone rogue.”

Most politicians in addressing certain issues that make statements that have been shown to be irrational, will distance themselves from their words and steer clear of the topic.

They try to “change the channel” in hopes that any further contention will with time fade from public thought. Dan Ashton is going against the grain of this political convention, smarmy though it be.

In his column, Dan risks raising the matter of Recall again, and his latest excuse for not acting on the wishes of a great many of his constituents to support and fight for Recall legislation, is even more non-sensical than his utterings of a few weeks ago.

At that time, he truly defied logic by claiming he required more direction from a recall resolution that was comprehensive and straight forward in it’s intent.

Now Dan states “that one level of government should not dictate terms to another level of government.” In the context of this issue, what the heck does this more than silly statement even mean?

In his column, Mr. Ashton prattles on about the need for certain procedure for Recall legislation to follow, which in case he hasn’t noticed is exactly what has occured up to and including this year’s UBCM meeting.

At the 2015 meeting, a compelling Recall resolution was debated and adopted and forwarded to our Provincial muck-a-mucks for their review… it was deemed unworthy of enactment. At this past UBCM meeting he could have, and should have, campaigned earnestly for Recall to be re-visited.

The current state of affairs is exactly what Dan Ashton claims he is against. Presently, our Provincial level of government “dictates” to our municipal level of government… no Recall for you!

Dan Ashton needs to step up to the plate and get Peter Fassbender, the Minister responsible to rescind his decision and enact Recall legislation at the municipal level now.

Brian Gray