Emperor has no clothes

Dear Editor:

No matter how hard Penticton’s mayor and city council members try to absolve themselves of the “full” responsibility for the ultimate costs for the Skaha Lake Park fiasco, it belongs entirely to them.

They earned it through sheer obstinacy and arrogance, and, as a result, they own it. All the smoke and mirrors that are now taking place, and incidentally are adding exponentially to the ongoing cost, will not absolve them from that responsibility.

The ongoing costs of staff time to formulate new “enhanced” agreements, retaining of an engagement consultant supposedly to improve the mayor’s image, legal fees, payments to Trio Marine group, etc. only add to the poor decision making to date. The full details of the new agreements are never fully disclosed, and, as a result, are basically useless.

Frankly, the electorate does not trust this group. It appears that indeed the saying that “the emperor has no clothes” applies here.

Coun. Tarik Sayeed said at the recent public meeting, “Let’s end this once and for all and hold a referendum”. He seems to be a dollar short and a day late as public opinion is already well known and a non-binding referendum is basically of no value whatsoever. Anyone who doesn’t now know what the results of that referendum would be must have been living on another planet for the past year or so.

Spoken like a good politician that has announced a run for the NDP nomination in the next provincial election. It is indeed a smart move to distance oneself from this fiasco, but, unfortunately, too late.

Claude Bergman