Editor’s Notebook

I recently attended a luncheon presented by the City of Penticton’s economic development office about virtual workers, people who move to Penticton then work out of their home or in communal space at Cowork Penticton.

It was like group therapy where about 10 individuals shared personal stories of what brought them to Penticton.

Every person at the meeting praised what Penticton has to offer ranging from cycling trails to hikes to beaches to wineries to excellent mountain biking to Skaha Bluffs to our great selection of bars and restaurants.  The mothers in the room raved about the wide range of activities available to children ranging from our minor hockey system to everything that’s going on at the community center.

Yet the City of Penticton is hell-bent of bringing in waterslides… because the tourists and local kids need something to do.

I’m really confused now.


James Miller

Penticton Herald