Ducks won’t be going anywhere

Dear Editor:

It has come to my attention that people should start writing letters to the editor, so that people of Penticton and surrounding communities can hear what we have to say.

So here goes and a first for me.

I want people to know that I myself and my family 100 per cent support the City, the Trio Marine Group and the people in favour of the development of Skaha Lake. It was brought to my attention recently in another newspaper article that my say doesn’t matter. Well my opinion does matter and so does everyone elses.

I lived in Penticton for about 17 years and now in Summerland for the last 12. I spend most of my money in Penticton, have doctors there, shop there and more.

So, yes I have an opinion as it is my money and that of other locals which supports Penticton. I think it is important to remember that we must keep locals spending and shopping local!

This is going to be an improvement for all to enjoy, create jobs, use a space that is hardly ever used except by ducks!

Those ducks will still be around when the slides and improvement happens.

I think this should have went to a referendum from the very beginning.

I believe that many did not think it would get to the point that it has now, with insults, uninformed comments and rude people putting others down for their opinion.

So I support Skaha Marina improvement, the Penticton mayor and city councillors, as well as those who support this.

Signed by someone who has an opinion that matters!

Judy Kurulak