Dragonboaters were in disbelief

Dear Editor:

I have lived in Penticton for 47 years, worked here and brought up my children. We have always lived in the vicinity of Skaha Lake and I appreciate what the park has developed into over the years of wise council decisions.

I walk there almost every day and admire its beauty and the sense of community I feel among those gathered to play, relax and enjoy the ambiance.

I went on Sunday to see the dragonboat races and saw what a wonderful setting it is for such a race destination. I talked to many of the participants who couldn’t believe that the area they were in would be gone if the park was going to be a waterslide with fences around it. What a shame!

That group brought in thousands and thousands of dollars for hotels, restaurants and shopping.

We were very fortunate back in the day when we almost lost the Okanagan Lake Park land to developers. Thank goodness the council at the time listened to the voices of the residents.

It makes me feel sick when I think of that serene, restful part of Skaha Lake Park being destroyed. Where is any common sense? I wish I could vote you all out right now!

Janet DeKezel