Dragon boaters benefit from park

Dear Editor:

In his Mayor’s Minute column Andrew Jakubeit said; “Two weekends ago the city came alive with the high profile events of Penticton Jazz Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Canucks Young Stars Classic (Herald, Sept. 21).

He neglected to say that the fate of the Penticton Dragon Boat festival as the premium dragon boating event in the province is in jeopardy if the waterslides are built in Skaha Lake Park as planned by City Council.

This event is now the premium and largest dragon boating event in B.C. due in large part to its location at the east end of Skaha Lake Park.

Two-thousand participants attended and raved about the location that allowed room for the required hospitality tents and food vendors to set up and service those in attendance, both participant and spectator.

This location advantage will be lost after the waterslides are installed. This fact would be obvious to any that attended the Penticton dragon boat event, but apparently not to our mayor or city council who appear to suffer from tunnel vision.

Does it make sense to lose tourists who currently attend an event like this in the hopes of attracting other tourists because of the availability of waterslides that most residents feel are doomed to failure?

You be the judge, and use that judgement to also judge the competence of your mayor and council.

Claude Bergman