Don’t sit idly taxpayers

Dear Editor:

A few months ago, the electorate here voted. The way it voted was based on most of the same promises that some previously elected councillors had made and left unfulfilled.

These promises were: fiscal responsibility, transparency of government, openness and accountability. Many of the candidates used these buzz words as planks in their platform.

It sounded good — again — as it had from some previously elected councillors in some other administrations. Apparently, as voters, we appear to have voted with hearts instead of heads as once again promises seem to have vaporized. The question that needs to be addressed is: “Did we vote for real change or did we vote for the sake of change?”

Today’s council is irresponsible; lacks openness and is definitely not fiscally conscious when it comes to spending taxpayer’s money.

Most taxpayers are aware of the boondoggles that apply here, so there is no real need to point them out individually. Where do we go from here, you might ask?

We have some choices, although limited. We are stuck with this group of self-serving bureaucrats for another two-and-a-half years. However, putting pen to paper; building focus groups; using social media to get the message out and even organizing a campaign similar to the local HST petition.

While there is no recall referendum, we don’t have to sit by idly and watch this buffoonery take place. Action speaks louder than words. We can act on this or we can bite the bullet and put up with status quo. The real soul-searching question that each of us must ask ourselves is: “Can I put up with status quo for another two-plus years and if not, what do I need to do to change it?”

There is no simple solution here. However, there is opportunity to affect change in this indifferent; self-indulgent; omnipotent proclaimed group. Although there is no one solution to fit the situation, there is the old adage question: “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is: “One bite at a time!”

Did our cadre of politicos take a page out of Justin Trudeau’s playbook or is it vice-versa?

All said and done, where we go from here depends on us. I am led to believe that there are three types of people. They are those that make things happen; those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happened after things are all over.

Which category do you fit?

Ron Barillaro