Don’t give me attitude

Dear Editor:

Re: Chamber votes to support park plan by Joe Fries (Herald, July 31).

Jason Cox, you are dead wrong! Skaha Beach is a terrible  loss of choice  family and public space — including parking for visitors.

Shady trees with a life span of 100 years is attractive inventory.

Beach-front property is priceless. No realtor can put a dollar value on that.

Build waterslides in your own back yard. Make lots of bucks off of them and remember they’re like fishing and farming; restricted to season so you’ve gotta “make hay while the sun shines.”

The last two times I checked, hundreds were enjoying  the east end of Skaha Park. The chips were delicious! Ice cream cones were selling like hot cakes. However the boat parking/marina section activity was diddly squat. And that was on the August long weekend.

I admit it, I’m no spring chicken but now you’ve got my ire up so I vow to live to be 100, just so I can prove you’re wrong.

In my opinion, the two best things Penticton’s Chamber of Commerce has done  in the past several decades to spark a little

interest was to bring in Jan Holder to speak about Enbridge pipeline; and to bring back Jim Treliving (and son and Kozuback). Were it not for those two events, the public (via media, and via B.C.’s government) is getting the idea that we’re a bunch of “winos.”

Decades ago, I was a proud member of BPW. If you don’t know what that is, Mr. Cox, then you’ve some homework to do!

And regarding several remarks our mayor has come out with lately, as young parents of today would tell their child, “Don’t give me that attitude!”

Jean Mitchell