Don’t boycott businesses

Dear Editor:

I was sorry to see the letter in The Herald advocating a boycott of local business by local consumers (Herald, Aug. 12). I have long been a believer in shopping locally. I shop local and hope that you do too.

Shopping local keeps people working in our community and it keeps money circulating in our area. When you spend your money outside our community it is gone forever. Businesses in the Chamber and the DPA provide local jobs and are just trying to make a living. Often they do not agree with the official spokesperson for these organizations. It is a shame that mayor and Council have unnecessarily so divided our City.

I had a good experience the one Saturday at the Community Market where I signed up 300 voters to recall the mayor and Council for lack of adequate public consultation on matters of great interest in our community such as Skaha Park. It has long been the policy of the Community Market to allow political forums in the market.

Previously in the past whenever I used the market for political purposes all it took was a phone call and I was assigned a set-up space free of charge at Westminster and Main. This has generally been used by the City and individual councillors to support their views.

Under new management things have changed a bit as they now require a $10 registration fee and they assign you a number somewhere in the market. This makes it difficult for people to find you even when they look.

For example: I was unable to find the Trio display.

I would like to see the DPA reserve Westminster and Main as a speaker’s forum for political viewpoints. Retaining the one-time $10 registration fee would insure legitimacy and allow them to reserve this intersection intermittently for volunteer participants.

This policy fits well with business as it gives the people a voice; keeps the market relevant;

promotes free speech while adding interest and variety.

I am taking signatures on the recall petition at Skaha Beach Splash Park 6:30 p.m. to dusk on Aug. 13-14.

I also hope to see you at the markets this Saturday. The Dragon’s Den on Front Street has graciously invited me to share their space. So drop by and sign the recall petition and thank them for their active support of the right to free speech in the affairs of our community.

Elvena Slump