Does our mayor understand facts?

Dear Editor:

I would really like to see accurate, to scale, images of before and after.

So maybe with the help of the mayor and Council and to satisfy their expressed wish to inform the public we should clearly mark the site so all can see what it would be like.

Quoting Mayor Jakubeit: “Everyone is very entrenched in their position, but not really understanding all the facts and getting themselves informed and actually walking the site to see what the footprint would look like or getting some pictures or actually seeing the proposal” (Herald, July 30).

 Trio should be able to help us with this.

First we should put black memorial arm bands (black ribbon will do) on all the trees that are going to be cut down. Then for the grassy area we should mark, with grass paint, the sizes and shapes of all the intended changes.

Chalk could be used to X out the disappearing parking. And special attention should be paid to public parking on “park land” where there could be a charge for parking. To finish off we should have a picnic together to enjoy the park the way it is. Following this the mayor and Council might address the group with full billboards of factual information, with pictures, to be left on site for

people to read and discuss. Would this help us to “understand the facts?”

And what is the administration building for anyway? It appears to be close to the beach, about the same distance a private home or beach cabana would be.  Is this a little cottage for the Trio group or administration office (for council?) and why isn’t it part of their restaurant?

Please tell me this is not on land that has been expropriated. Am I too late? Maybe we should be wearing black armbands ourselves.

Janet McIver