Divide in generations

Dear editor:

The divide of vision for Skaha Lake Park comes with a clear divide on how to show support.

Immediately following the support city council demonstration, Heart in the Park, jabs popped up on my Facebook profile from the save side mocking the attendance of the event.

Numbers from less than 100 to upwards of 200 attendees were thrown out over various platforms. Counting can be hard. Counting on people can be harder, and with no monetary backing or influence from Trio or the City, Miranda Lynn managed to rally an unarguably younger generation than those seen at opposition events.

The numbers online seem to showcase the divide in generations as well, with the support group boasting nearly twice as many members than the Save Skaha Park group.

Online votes and surveys seem to favour city council. Is this merely a sign of youthful slacktivism? Do the supporters, in their wise age and retirement days have more free time to be heard and seen? Does any of this mean anything to the actual park?

All I’m seeing is the beginning of a numbers game with no possible outcome. I have a feeling this was merely a single battle in an ongoing war, and watching how support has been established from both sides has me more interested than a stroll in the park or even a rip down a waterslide.

Chelsea Terry