Disillusioned with Penticton

Dear Editor:

Having intentionally moved to Penticton to let our children have the best, we have become very disillusioned.

We have never seen a small city so dirty and uncared for, especially this winter. Our mayor and council seem so intent on having their wishes and decisions followed through without the consent of our citizens, that they are making stupid mistakes, and then back-tracking to correct some of them, and we, the citizens of this once beautiful city, have to pay for them.

Yes, you were voted in to make changes – good ones. Not the kind of ‘Do it my way’, or ‘Don’t care what the

residents want’. This is not the kind of change we asked for.

How can we respect our governing people when they do not respect us? They appear to make their decisions about what is best for us, and then we should blindly accept and follow.

I don’t believe everyone on council is in agreement with the decisions being made; perhaps a review of methods could be carried out.

W.J. Andrews