Disappointed with Council

Dear Editor:

Although an earlier appearance was reportedly requested, the next regular meeting of City Council on Monday, Aug. 17 will receive a delegation from the Save Skaha Park committee, a volunteer organization representing some 4,000 petitioners who oppose a lease arrangement to allow construction of a commercial waterslide on a section of existing public parkland.

While under no illusions that a decision apparently made some months ago would be re-visited, I sincerely believed that Council would at least accord the delegation the common courtesy of hearing them out before formally moving ahead.

To now learn that an agreement was signed days prior to giving the delegation an opportunity to speak raises a question about integrity and displays extreme disrespect for those who are to speak, the many thousand residents they speak for, and all of those in the community with an interest in this issue irrespective of whether or not they support the waterslide plan.

I have met many of the individual members of Council and commend them for their commitment.  I must say sadly, however, that I had expected more in the handling of this very divisive issue.

Charles Armstrong