Disagrees with Sayeed, Picton

Dear Editor:

This is in response to comments made by Tarik Sayeed and Max Picton (Herald, Tuesday, Aug. 18).

In my opinion it is extreme arrogance for Tarik Sayeed to suggest, “the lead of the opposition should have followed the behaviour that conforms to accepted standards of morality and respectability. Diplomacy failed because it never existed.”

Who is he to suggest the opposition has behaved badly when it is the mayor and council who behaved with a complete lack of morality and complete lack of respect for the people that elected them to office?

(The Gage Canadian Dictionary defines morality as “the doing of right; a set of rules or principles of conduct.”)

It is the mayor and council that are elected democratically and should know how to practice democracy. They have not treated all citizens of Penticton as equals (democratically) when it comes to being open and explaining why the commercial use of park land is appropriate.

Not one councillor spoke up prior to the questions from The Herald.

Since when should the opposition reach out to the council “individually before organizing the rally” when it is council’s responsibility to act transparently and to keep their constituents apprised of issues especially contentious issues such as the lease of park land for commercial purposes.

There has been very little information shared with the public and the photos in the Aug. 17 Herald are neither clear nor easy to read.

Max Picton states he would not have been in favour if they were removing the splash pad and paying for this with taxpayer dollars. It is my understanding the lease document states Trio Marine will remove and relocate the splash pad and when the work is completed they will be reimbursed by the City using taxpayers’ dollars.

It is most unfortunate there has been no public hearing and there is not likely to be a referendum.

As a taxpayers, I’m disgusted with the arrogance and lack of good business sense practiced by this mayor and council.

Geri Sobool