Dental benefits set council’s tone

Dear Editor:

Not knowing any of the current city council members personally, I would  imagine their intentions were good and their aspirations were high when first elected.

Almost instantly they irritated the public by giving themselves a raise via granting themselves dental and health benefits. I don’t think most people would have begrudged them this perk eventually. But by putting this as one of their first agenda items, over and above city issues, the tone was set!

The first major item they had to deal with was the park land issue. All  of this appears to have been done behind closed doors! There was no public input into the decision. Most of us were not aware of this issue until it was announced as an iron clad done deal!

All future actions of this council will be viewed with suspicion. Their trust and credibility has been eroded to the nth degree.

This council will forever be remembered for this land giveaway controversy. This will be their legacy forever!

Bob Tait