Democracy versus dictatorship

The meaning of democracy is a system of government by the whole population through elected representatives.

The meaning of the word dictatorship according to Google search is “A dictator leaves no room for input from anyone who is not the top guy, My way or the highway.” Sound familiar? No room for input from residents and no compromise.

Our mayor and council can use that as their legacy. A referendum would have proved he and his council wrong. The waterslide would have been declined. Instead, behind closed doors they signed the deal prior to our rally to save Skaha Lake Park. This council now has the legacy of tearing our city apart and destroying a park of dedication for those who have donated, had expropriated homes or raised funds to build Skaha Park.

Mayor, you can tell your grandchildren what a powerful person you were in destroying what was built by previous mayors and council and legacy funds.

As far as the hotel issue, it is dead in the water because the land was donated on the fact that it was to remain parkland. You knew a referendum was going to kill that hotel plan. Saying now that the two requests to build the hotel didn’t meet councils target? You must think the residents and taxpayers are all stupid. You would have lost that referendum. And you would have lost the waterslide proposal through referendum.

Better get your dental work done council. You have three years (maybe) left in your term. In that time with your closed door deals, you could destroy the remainder of our city and leave a legacy to dividing Penticton.

To the residents of Penticton, if your family homes were expropriated and/or your family had an agreement with the city to leave that parcel as greenspace, contact your MLA.  And Elvena Slump, you rock. Keep the petition to recall council going.

The best sign from the rally was

“Sold”  City Hall & Council  $500

“Future Home of Bob’s Donuts”

The Old Kentucky Fried Chicken building is still standing.  No cameras, no room for taxpayers to attend, perfect place to hold council meetings.

Lou Sloboda