Democracy and history

Dear Editor:

The great Roman philosopher Marcus Cicero said more than 2000 years ago: “Freedom is participation in Power.”

Having checked out the eastern sector of Skaha Lake Park throughout the winter we marveled at what we saw on the first and third days of April.

On the first day we observed about 80 children and parents enjoying the gym equipment; the grass area picnicking and simple soccer ball passing. All of this happened at 5 p.m. and on the second occasion at 4:10 p.m.!

Then I thought about a mound of earth 50 feet high; where the shady trees have been removed so that the waterslide could be built. The kids spray park would be gone and administrative buildings would be erected to service the waterslide. The worst feature would be the enormous fencing job that cut off the commercial area from the park! Certain ancillary buildings would have to be moved on to other grass areas. More of the park would be lost!

As this drags on the entire council would be severely affected at the end of their four years of service to the city. Let us be rational and reflective! A little wisdom and we will burst from dark the tunnel into the sunlight.

Vince Rabbitte