Demand a plebiscite

Dear Editor:

Dozens of letters to the editor speak for the silent majority that wants to save Skaha Lake Park. The developer’s plans call for paving parkland, removing trees and picnic spaces, destroying a free water park, moving the dragon boat shed, and more devastation to natural habitat.

All this for ugly water slide towers. Are midway rides next? Will hundreds of families who now enjoy the park have to pay for a fleeting thrill on a water slide? Will dragon boat competitions die? Sweet-talking developers have left a trail of failures: a rusting condo development along Marina Way, a hotel/ condo development on Okanagan Lake Park, an ill-conceived hockey dorm, and a private clubhouse on Skaha Lake Park. Public outrage stopped two parkland giveaways to developers.

The Skaha Lake Park water slide complex is destined for failure. The city council held extensive consultations before work on improving Martin Street and the Okanagan Lake walkway began.

This admirable process has been abandoned for a fast-tracked give away of public parkland. Why?

Join the silent majority at Penticton City Hall on Monday, July 20 at 5 p.m. We demand the right to speak out by means of a plebiscite.

Ted Makar