Definition of democracy

Dear Editor:

Much has been said about democracy and democratic principles

recently. Unfortunately there are those that don’t really get the full picture of what democracy is and what’s involved.

Oh no, I couldn’t possibly be talking about our illustrious mayor and council, could I? Perish the thought! These individuals are fine, righteous, honest, forthright and democratic principled individuals aren’t they? Hmm….the jury still seems to be out on that one!

Since most of us know and understand what the premise of democracy is, let’s look at democracy from a different point of view, perhaps as it may apply to the present mayor and council.

D: deceitful, distrustful, disdainful, dastardly, disrespectful, despotic, dictatorial, et al.

E: egocentric, effete, exasperate, extreme, evasive

M:  mistrust, misleading, misgiving, masterful

O: obstinacy, omnipotent, overbearing, oppressive

C: clandestine, camouflaged, cloak and dagger

R: reprehensible, repugnant, resolute

A: apathy, abhorrent, abjective

C: coercion, cacophony, challenge, close-minded

Y: yieldless, yawed, yegg-like

Perhaps it is time for the mayor and council to revisit Basic English 101 such that their understanding of the word democracy and their connotation and denotation of the term aren’t at such odds.

Ron Barillaro