Defining city guidelines

Dear Editor:

Re: Apparent civic guidelines/ terminology for transactions of public land.

Accountability. Avoid discussion about and assigning responsibility for costly administrative errors by citing privacy and/or legal concerns .

Amusement. Use this word where Casino would have a negative connotation.

Appraisal. Refer to indirectly but don’t release results or methodology .

Based on Market Value. Good connotation with the advantage of being meaningless for unique parkland.

Cost/Benefit/Study. Not recommended. Economists insist on valuing lost social and environmental losses for the cost side.

Due-diligence. No longer requires title search for covenants ; nor bylaw reviews for conflict; or need for archaeological searches and environmental studies; or ascertaining the financial  status of participants.

Economic Driver/Engine. Good connotation but don’t try to validate with actual figures.

Economic Impact Study. Not recommended. Critics will be quick to point out that over reliance on part-time, seasonal, minimum-wage employment has a negative effect on the local economy.

Full Disclosure. Maybe minimized by the use of non-disclosure agreements and by placing contentious issues in the last part of a multi-phase agreement.

Profit Sharing. A theory whereby unique alienated parkland can be replaced , using uncertain profits, to purchase similar property, not known to exist within the civic jurisdiction.

Public Opinion. Rallies and referenda are not accurate indicators. Some find consulting their children or, in season, polling vendors at the market to be useful alternatives.

Process. Select a process whereby the final negotiation is with one party . The loss of competitive bidding is made by more efficient information control .

Under utilization. Ironically this can be used to describe a portion of a park that for most days of the year gets the most use.

Upgrades. Use when a grass area is being replaced by blacktop.

Value for Value. Fiduciary responsibility is important but shouldn’t interfere with finalizing an agreement.

Vibrancy. Can be used to describe permitting a mini-strip mall on lakefront.

Water Supply. Scientific forecasts of multi year droughts should not be a factor in the approval process for water intensive amusements.

Dennis Hearle