Define the word “enhancement”

Dear Editor:

Thank you Mr. Miller for putting together some much needed information on the Skaha Park issue (Herald, Aug. 17).

I carefully read the mayor’s response to your very good questions, and only wish that the councillors would answer the same questions in another edition of the Herald, especially as to why not hold a referendum.  I believe the main cause in the rift over the waterslide issue comes down to the  words that the mayor used in describing the benefits of the waterpark, and that is “waterfront enhancement.”

My dictionary states that an enhancement is an improvement  that makes something more agreeable. I think most Penticton residents believe that putting a fenced user-pay attraction that will only be used for a few months on our public waterfront will only diminish the beauty and tranquility, and indeed the very purpose of Skaha Park. There’s the rub… I guess we can agree to disagree.

The anger that stems from this issue is simply that Penticton residents feel they have not been given a chance to study Trio’s proposal, to give meaningful feedback, and have a dialogue with Council.

I am angered that this has not gone to a referendum and democracy has taken a back seat.

The anger comes from a feeling that Council are the ones who are “entrenched” and are not willing to budge an inch. I only hope this will be a learning experience for us all.

Fritz Hollenbach