Council’s poor track record

Dear Editor:

It is really hard to believe that our mayor and council can come up almost on a weekly basis with decisions that scream to high heaven.

First they voted themselves a substantial increase in wages then they give themselves a gold-plated dental and extended medical plan.

Prior to that there was the Eckhardt Ave. hockey dorm fiasco which, by the time all is said it done, will cost between $1 and $2-million to resolve.

They have plenty of money for legal fees and to design and negotiate the destruction of Skaha Lake Park against the wishes of the Penticton taxpayers even so they’re willing to go to court with a case they won’t win.

Council is spending big-time to keep the mechanical systems in our beautiful swimming pool going, the heating system is down on a regular basis and the roof overhang is leaking condensation for the third year in a row. Last year the icicles were two feet long.

This building is five-years-old. Who is being held responsible

We have money for medical plans but not our firefighters who raises were fairly arbitrated. What does council do? They’re going to court against our firefighters.

Go figure !

Bernie Strohmann