Council’s poor legacy

Dear Editor:

Hot item and like many who have heard about the controversy, I have an opinion along with some questions.

We resided in Penticton for a number of years, and still visit annually whenever possible. Believe me when I tell you that Penticton does not have a monopoly on self-serving, incompetent, unethical city councils.

The issue of tearing out a perfectly beautiful piece of ground to install another waterslide, considering the opposition from a majority of residents, is definitely something that would normally go to a referendum.

Unfortunately, Penticton finds itself saddled with a group of councillors who quite possibly have their own agendas here. Surely they are aware that two waterslide ventures failed in Penticton – not so far from the proposed site of the new one. Surely they are also aware that the taxpayers deserve to know who the principals of Trio Marine are  unless of course there is some personal relationship between them all.

Normally a mayor is supposed to remain neutral in order to best serve the general electorate. Why is the mayor pushing this project so vehemently?  When the ground is destroyed and the project fails, I guess it’s not much of stretch for him to then support a condo development on the site instead.

The good news for Penticton is that you can always throw these arrogant money grabbers out when the next election rolls around. They should all be ashamed of themselves and the “legacy” they leave behind.

Yes, we’re just tourists, but watching this travesty unfold is embarrassing for all.

Joe Obermeyer

St. Albert, Alberta