Council unable to smarten up

Dear Editor:

My old mother born in Yorkshire 1911, a small, no-nonsense woman , daughter of an abusive coal miner. She had five bairns (kids), I was the middle one, she left school at age 11 and was self-educated, and she didn’t suffer fools lightly.

If you did something silly or stupid you would get a slap at the side of your head and be told to “smarten up!”

It certainly worked back then but I fear she would have been no match for the present crowd at city hall. To “smarten up” is not in their collective agreement. To smarten up from the mayor down is not possible, it’s not in his job description! The lemmings at his municipal table are proving that birds of a feather really do stick together. Even when they are ahead they seek out a way to dig the hole that they are in even deeper.

The Skaha Park/Trio Marine debacle is undeniable proof of all of the above. Now you lucky peasants in Penticton will have to sit back and listen to the sound of your tax dollars going down the proverbial drain… a few thousand here, a few thousand there, compensation here, compensation there… the lawyers at city hall must be feeling giddy!

I could go on but what’s the point? Better writers than I have tried and tried to make city hall see sense, you people of Penticton are fortunate to have the likes of Ms. Slump and Mr. Barillaro plus quite a few other concerned citizens keeping the council’s feet to the fire, but there is one more point that I would like to make before I sign off.

After all this is settled, I will always remember the ongoing undignified display of contempt that city hall from Jakubeit down including all the councillors and their condescending attitude have shown to you the people of Penticton.

They have treated you like fools, they have shown no regard for your opinions, the light at the end of your tunnel is two years away.

You live in a jewel of a city, I would strongly suggest that you realize this before this crowd at city hall diminish it.

Don Smithyman