Council sings Frank Sinatra

Dear Editor:

Wow the letters to the editor page is getting too hot to handle with no cooling off period in sight!

As an outsider I would like to suggest a future solution that may help put the brakes on the proposed water park in your beautiful Skaha Lake Park.

Although I doubt that your mayor and Council will follow through with Trio Group  as the heat in the political  kitchen is minor compared to the raging inferno that comes from the voice of so many that elected a political slate of shame.

However if the worst should happen, here lies one answer. Stay united and become the voice  of Maytag repairman!

The Maytag repairman soon learned to go fishing as the business just wasn’t there.

Better for Mayor Jakubeit and council to swallow their tongues and apologize for singing that old Frank Sinatra song over and over: “The record shows, I took the blows and did it my way.”

Tom Isherwood