Council should impeach mayor

Dear Editor:

Here is something to ponder on. The Skaha Lake Park project reminds me of the hockey dorm fiasco with the approval of then-mayor Dan Ashton. Now it’s possible taxpayers will be stuck with a $1-million bill due to incompetence.

The ongoing protests against Penticton City Hall are like banging your head against a brick wall. Taxpayers are on the hook. The next public protest should focus on asking the mayor and council as they are culpable in this quagmire.

The nayor must step down before more stupidities occur.

Make the mayor an offer he can’t refuse. Give him the remaining salary coming to him for the next two years and adios. I feel it’s worth it. Time for council to make the move unanimously and push him out.

Beware who you elect.

James Banko