Council must be stopped

Re: “The city that sued itself” letter by Claude Bergman (Herald, Sept. 18).

The irony of our perhaps being the first city in Canada to sue itself has not escaped the hundreds of people who continue to contribute money to the Valley First Save Skaha Park legal account. The double irony is that the City will be using our money to fight us should a claim reach court. Woody Allan couldn’t have written a better farce, but the sad fact is that we are being forced to do this.

We cannot stand by while we are bulldozed by the irresponsible actions of our elected city council, who have opted from the beginning to totally ignore the interests of the very people who own Skaha Lake Park. Their meeting on June 29 was a sham of the democratic process.

And, despite petitions signed by thousands of people demanding their right to a referendum, several presentations made to council, two protest rallies attended by hundreds of people and countless letters to the editor voicing opposition, they continue to thumb their nose at the overwhelming voice of the electorate. arrogance is stunning!

City Council is hell-bent on proceeding with this ill-conceived project even though it means chain-sawing many magnificent trees (many are memorial trees), eliminating years of publicly-owned green space and negatively impacting a riparian ecosystem in order to build a 60-foot tower with four multi-coloured plastic seasonally-operated water slides that will forever be a blight on our much loved Skaha Park.

And make no mistake, if City Council is successful in commercializing Skaha Park it will just be the tip of the iceberg, leaving all our parks free game for developers to build hotels, condos and anything else to make a profit for private enterprise.

They must be stopped now, even if we have to use our own money to do it. We have obtained legal advice and plan to use every legal means available to rectify this blunder.

We are in for the long haul and will not be deterred. We have recently registered the Save Skaha Park Society and will soon be offering membership to the thousands of people who have supported our cause from the beginning. Please check our new website:

And, please, also consider contributing to our legal fund at Valley First.

And so we continue the fight. It’s not over!

Lisa Martin