Council loves all things plastic

Dear Editor:

Does our present City Council have something for plastic? I am thinking of the globs of it proposed for this fine city.

Last summer was the start with that ghastly one out on the water by the S.S. Sicamous for the amusement of children. Now the proposed Skaha Beach water park and all its undoubtedly, garishly coloured plastic, and the Council’s enthusiasm for the slide proposed for Vancouver Hill.

Well, as far as I am concerned, you can recycle all of the above and get rid of those ideas.

The beaches were beautiful and serenely simple when I moved here almost 20 years ago. All I can recall at Lake Okanagan Beach was The Peach and the view.

It was idyllic and unique for a beach town.

Somehow, over the years, this has all but vanished, as a result of all the ghastly visual distractions added to the beaches.

Now, with the continuing, chaotic clutter of totally unnecessary vendors’ tents, the glob of plastic in the water (which I assume is to return given Council’s greedy grab), the proposed parking meters, and the proposed plastic slide and water park, I am disheartened at what I perceive to be the esthetic destruction of the beaches of Penticton, which I consider to be its most valuable asset.

I am unsure how or why all of this has happened over the years. I will assume it has been various Councils’ ill-conceived notion that beachgoers, and not the residents and taxpayers in Penticton, over the years, need more “entertainment,” particularly for their children.

As a child, I remember having a beach ball and a bucket and shovel and a book and a picnic. That was it.  Stunningly simple. We entertained ourselves. We used our imagination to play. Our parents were there to talk to and watch over us.

How novel!

Today, it appears to me that many parents are off-loading their children for entertainment while on a “family” vacation and the City is facilitating/enabling such with their poorly thought out recreational plans, all seemingly lacking proper public consultation. You see them at the beach on their phones or tablets while their off-loaded children play elsewhere. As a result, we, the citizens and taxpayers of Penticton, are being smothered in plastic for their playtime for two months of the year.

Where and when will it ever end?

Why the City caters to this seemingly mass and mindless trend of “entertainment” is beyond me. I know there is a strong and emerging market for a simple holiday, one where parents engage and entertain their children themselves and enjoy the simple and natural beauty of our beaches and city and its amenities.

The success of Penticton’s tourism industry has always been based on the summer’s weather, its magnificent location, the beaches, a few attractions, sports facilities, a few festivals, and the accessibility to nature and the proximity to other desirous destinations. Sparklingly simple and successful and timeless.

The sooner Penticton recycles and throws out all the plastic ideas the better off we will be now and for generations to come and, while we’re at it, the present City Council for supporting all of the above.

John E. Archer